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Industrial safety boots

In most industries feet injuries like cuts, burns and contaminations, electric shocks, sprains and fractures are common and especially where the employers do not get the right safety shoes. Industrial safety boots therefore are a necessity for workers in many of the industries in Kenya. Work related feet injuries are amongst the leading causes of disabilities in Kenya and the reported injuries cost the employers a lot of money.

These inconveniences to the employees in terms of injuries and loss of money in compensation expenses forthe employer are the major reasons why safety shoes are a necessity. However, use of industrial safety shoes also comes with other benefits including;

Comfort - modern industrial safety boots and shoes are highly comfortable. An employee is able to stay on their feet comfortably for long hours without fatigue.

Efficiency - an employee that is comfortable and protected against injury is able to work efficiently since they do not have much to worry about when at work. They can concentrate on assigned tasks and carry them out efficiently. Increased efficiency means increased output for the company.

High self- esteem and confidence - having proper feet protection and other PPEs has been shown to boost the self-esteem and confidence of employees. This is because they know they are cared for and valued by their employers.

Better response in case of an emergency - an employee that is confident they are protected is able to respond without panic in case of an emergency. This will protect them from danger that might come from unprecedented reactions and damage to property.

Investing in industrial safety boots is therefore a win - win situation for the employer and employee. If you are in need of superior quality safety boots then you should partner with us. We are a reliable and experienced safety shoes supplier able to handle large orders as well as small ones. Contact us today for more information.