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Safetoe Safety Shoes

If you have been in the market for safety shoes, you must have come across the safetoe safety shoes brand. Safetoe is a renowned brand established back in 2009 that specialises in manufacture of safety shoes and other PPE items. The brand is especially known for their safety shoes that are stylish and meet international standards of safety.

Due to the quality standards they set, safetoe has some models of safety shoes that are popular amongst some professionals like engineers and construction workers and in industries where workers are exposed to hazards like slippery floors, punctures, burns l, contamination and acid spills. Their shoes offer the highest level of protection needed for specific work environments they are made for.

Plus all safetoe shoes are certified and meet set standards for those work environments.

Safetoe manufacturers shoes dedicated for workers in the mining industry, food industry, welding, and others. They also have boots that offer protection against electric hazards. To cater for a wide range or customers, they also have superior protection boots and shoes and also economic safety shoes. If you are looking for safety shoes at a bargain, safetoe might just have right shoes for you. They have shoes, low cuts, high tops, wellingtons, sneakers, and crocs.

To stay ahead of the competition the company is always releasing new designs of safety shoes with style and comfort. Their shoes also have innovative features like heat resistance, slip resistant, water and oil resistant, anti-perforation, and so many others.

If you are in need of quality safety shoes then you need look no further. We are suppliers of modern safety shoe brands that are made both for work and play. Plus since we are specialists in safety shoes and boots we are able to offer exceptional prices for our products. Contact us for more details.