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Safety boots for Ladies

For a long time our hardworking ladies in Kenya have been neglected when it comes to safety shoes. Many have had no choice but to order and use men shoes which might make them feel quite awkward at work. But this is all coming to an end now. We have a wide selection of safety boots for ladies from quality brands that offer superior protection, comfort and aesthetics. You will feel chic even if you are in a male dominated career or field.

Our collection of safety boots for ladies is quite stunning. Our staff who are really knowledgeable about safety shoes have been working tirelessly to develop our collection. They have added so many fantastic styles that are absolutely admirable and stylish. Our ladies safety boots look really fashionable yet deliver superb protection in the different work environments they are made for.

Our safety footwear collection for ladies has been selected by women for women. We are confident that all ladies will get what they have been looking for from us. Our boots are as comfortable as your everyday footwear. If you have any concerns our customer service team is always on hold waiting to patiently guide our Lady customers through so they can get a boot that will serve their needs really well. We are here for you.

Browse our collection of safety boots for ladies for the best deals in town. Our collection is one of the most comprehensive you will find in the country. We have put into consideration ladies working in different sectors like hospitality, engineers, construction and many others. We recognise that Kenyan ladies are hardworking. They have defied all odds when it comes to careers and we are here to offer them the much needed protection where risks are involved.