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Safety boots Nairobi prices

For many people looking to purchase safety boots one of the biggest concern they have is the safety boots Nairobi prices. One would wonder why most safety shoes cost a little bit more that the regular shoes. It is because safety shoes incorporate technologies that are meant to keep you safe when exposed to various workplace hazards. Manufacture of these shoes therefore costs more than the regular shoes that don't have to meet any standards or be certified.

The importance of safety shoes in many industries is undisputed. This is because safety shoes can do the following things;

Toe protection - most of the safety shoes have a steel or composite toe reinforcement that keeps your toes protected from impact and compression.

Electric shock prevention - some work boots have technologies that prevent you from the risk of getting an electric shock.

Burns and chemical spills - quality safety shoes offer protection from hot elements like metal and also chemical spills in the work place.

Cuts, abrasions and punctures - from top to bottom, a safety shoe offers some level of protection. The top materials will prevent your feet from cuts and abrasions from materials around you. The sole might also be puncture resistant ensuring that sharp objects are unable to pass through the sole and injure your feet.

The most important thing for any shopper therefore is to first ensure that the safety shoe meets the needs that they have. Comfort is also an important consideration to have in mind when buying safety shoes. Price should come in later after your have determined the shoe is right for your needs.

We are suppliers of quality safety shoes at great prices in Nairobi and the entire country. We specialise in safety shoes and boots and therefore we have a wide variety of shoes at different prices. Give us a try today.