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Safety gumboots kenya

For people working in damp and wet conditions, safety gumboots Kenya are an ideal choice for their safety. Safety gumboots are made of rubber and have thick anti-slip soles that enhance grip performance even in slippery conditions. They are totally water resistant and therefore they are even used in situations where the user has to work with their feet submerged in water.

But that's not all safety gumboots can do for you. Here are some more additional features that you will get in safety gumboots which make them practical safety shoes in a wide range of work environments including agriculture, construction, maintenance, manufacturing, mining and food industries;

Toe cap - a good safety gumboot comes with a toe cap usually made of composite materials. The toe cap protects your toes from compression and impact injuries.

Sole - for a quality safety gumboot the sole is usually resistant to oils, solvents, mild acids and some chemicals and therefore offers protection against these elements in the workplace. Most of the soles are also resistant to perforation.

Reinforced ankle, heel and instep - most people just imagine how uncomfortable gumboots can be. However most manufacturers are now adding these features and more like insulation and linings that keep you comfortable all day long.

What's more, gumboots are also usually available in three trim heights so you can choose the one that suits your needs. If you are looking to buy safety gumboots in Kenya then look no further.

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