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Safety shoes for engineers

Engineers work under the most harsh conditions where they are exposed to hazards that might cause feet injury. Some of the hazards they are exposed to include slippery floors, chemicals, sharp objects, electricity and heavy objects. To keep them safe in their workplaces safety boots for engineers are a necessity.

To ensure that engineers are protected from these hazards, the safety boots suitable for their use come with a slew of safety features that meet the set ISO standards. These features include water resistance, toe protection, oil resistant, energy absorption, midsole perforation resistance, and antistatic. All these feature in one shoe ensure that engineers are safe in varying work conditions. Even when then weather changes for instance from sunny to rainy, engineers working on site where they are exposed to the weather elements will still be protected.

For engineers in Kenya, the search for a safety shoe company that cares for you is over. Ever since we have been in business we have made sure that engineers working in the country have the protection they need by stocking the best quality safety shoes for engineers.

We have an array of products all dedicated to people on the engineering field. These shoes meet and even exceed the required standards so you can work with confidence knowing that feet injuries are kept at bay. We stock only quality brands that perform exceptionally well.

For engineers that juggle office duties and field work, having a shoe that has style and fashion statement is also important. We have models of shoes that look really great outside of work. With great designs such as executive shoes, sneakers and trainers you always have something that shows your personality. We offer fast nationwide shipping. We accept all orders for single items or in bulk. Contact us for more information or to place your order today.