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Safety shoes for men

For the many men in Kenya working in construction, maintenance, engineering, roofing and other industries where they are prone to an array of workplace hazards, having a safety shoe is essential. Be it a danger of falling objects (impact), electric shock or even wet and oily floors safety shoes for men prevent any injury due to such hazards.

There are so many brands and models of safety shoes for men that choosing the right shoes can be daunting for many. But it doesn't have to be. The most important factor to have in mind is the application of the shoe or the work environment that you are exposed to. Different environments have different hazards. You should therefore first establish which hazards you are exposed to daily. When you identify them, match the features of the shoes that help to combat those hazards. Then the shoe that ticks the most boxes is the most preferable for you.

If you are most likely exposed to falling or rolling objects then you should go for a steel toe or composite toe feature first before looking at other features. If you work on oily or slippery floors, slip resistant soles should be top of your mind.

With modern quality safety shoes, you don't have to trade foot safety at work with achy and fatigued feet at home. Safety shoes for men are now even more comfortable than regular shoes. Everything from the upper material, the sole and the interior is made with comfort in mind.

For a long time we have been helping hardworking and adventurous men to get the well needed foot protection when they are out in conditions where they are prone to hazards. We have a great team of experts in safety shoes. We stock quality safety shoes with modern and advanced safety technologies that offer high levels of protection, style and comfort