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Steel toe boots

Safety shoes are a must have for employees that work in environments where feet injuries may occur easily. Some safety shoes are better for one job as compared to another usually because of the risks faced. But for many industries like engineering, construction and maintenance, steel toe boots are a favourite. This is because the greater the protection needed, the stronger the safety toe should be.

Steel toe boots offer maximum levels of protection. They have toe boxes made of heavy duty steel to protect your feet from heavy falling or rolling objects. Steel toe boots are a traditional choice and have been used for ages in industries where high levels of protection are needed. For instance, they are suitable in warehousing where heavy objects placed overhead can do a lot of damage if they fall on a foot. They are also suitable for people who work with heavy equipment that could easily run over their feet. In any industry where catastrophic injury to the feet is imminent, steel toe shoes and boots are a must have.

In modern safety toe shoes, the reinforcement can be made of composite materials like plastic. These shoes however meet the same standards ad steel toe boots and offer the same level of protection. The composite safety toe boots are subjected to the same impact and compression testing standards as steel toe boots.

Composite toe boots are also lighter that steel toe and therefore some people prefer them as they are more comfortable. However, you should bear in mind that there are other factors that determine the weight of the boot including upper material type, size of the sole and sole material amongst others. Since composite materials are non-metallic, they are also suitable for use in cold weather conditions and for electricians.

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