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Work Boots

For workers who are on their feet all day and those exposed to conditions that might lead to injuries, finding the right work boots is not a luxury problem, but a necessity. Even the very best walking shoes cannot perform the essential, specific duties that safety boots perform for workers on a daily basis. However, for your work boots to perform to the very best, you need to choose the right work boots for your needs. Failure to get the right work shoes will leave you uncomfortable all day or even with a slew of health problems like corns and athletes feet.

How to choose a work boot

Before settling for the right work boot, it is important to have the following considerations in mind;

1. Materials - what material is the boot made of? Leather is by far the most popular material for safety boots, due to its durability, breathability and workability. However, other materials like synthetic rubbers and TPU are also used. Choose a material that offers the comfort you need.

2. Features and Construction - safety work boots are made with specific features to combat various work environments. Some of the features you will find in work boots include water resistance, steel toes, insulation, slip resistant soles and many others. On matters construction, the stitch-down construction is the most popular. In this construction, the upper material is stitched to the outersole unlike in the other construction where it is only glued.

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